2015 Quebec City Marathon Race Report

The short version: Good event, great destination, not an easy course but I needed a BQ and I got it. The long version: The finish line for the Quebec City Marathon is less than a kilometer from the train station in old Quebec so we decided to leave the car behind and take the train.Continue reading “2015 Quebec City Marathon Race Report”

Nike Women Toronto 15K Run Race Report

This was the first Nike Women’s Run ever held in Canada and it was a very well put on event. I have to confess I was a bit sceptical going into the event. Information about the race was hard to find and you had to download a Nike App to get it but in theContinue reading “Nike Women Toronto 15K Run Race Report”

Boston Marathon Tips

A few tips, collected over the last 15 years on running the Boston Marathon The 2019 race guide is posted here PRE-RACE The Expo The expo is big. This year’s expo is in the usual location the John B. Hynes Convention Centre , 900 Boylston. It’s just up the street from the finish line and can be reached by subwayContinue reading “Boston Marathon Tips”

The Kentucky Bourbon Chase

Although I have run many a marathon, up until now I had never run a multistage relay, so it did not take a lot of convincing to get me to head for the hills of Kentucky with the Canadian Club team for the 200 mile Bourbon Chase. Our highly organized leader Dave Morton had everythingContinue reading “The Kentucky Bourbon Chase”

The 2014 Boston Marathon Part 2- The Non-Running Part #Boston Strong

After the tragic bombing in 2013 we all went back to Boston knowing that it would be different, an additional 9,000 runners, security and media everywhere and emotions running even higher than usual. In 2013,  I was in a hotel a couple of blocks from the finish line when the bombs went off. I heardContinue reading “The 2014 Boston Marathon Part 2- The Non-Running Part #Boston Strong”

The 2014 Boston Marathon- Part 1 the BAA 5K

In order to avoid putting everyone to sleep I thought I would break the Boston Marathon weekend up starting with the BAA 5K on Saturday. If you are old like me you will remember the Freedom Run it was a FREE run around part of the Freedom trail in Boston held the day before theContinue reading “The 2014 Boston Marathon- Part 1 the BAA 5K”

Dashing through the Snow! AKA Snowshoe Running

Slogging through the snowy streets of Ottawa over the winter gets old pretty fast. Wet cold feet, snowbanks in the middle of the sidewalk because the city still does not get that clearing the sidewalks is important too and the really cold days when your eyelids freeze together. A little cross training goes a longContinue reading “Dashing through the Snow! AKA Snowshoe Running”

Rock and Roll Las Vegas Marathon Race Report

Running down the Las Vegas strip at night sounded amusing so when my sister, Susan Ibach, suggested we run the half at Rock and Roll Las Vegas Marathon I jumped on a plane, which sat on the tarmac for 90 minutes, and eventually took us to Las Vegas. We landed Friday and went to theContinue reading “Rock and Roll Las Vegas Marathon Race Report”

The Life and Times of a Costumed 60 Minute Bunny: AKA Never Run a 10K in a Hazmat Suit.

It all started quite innocently. I  volunteered to be a pace bunny for Ottawa Race Weekend and when I discovered that I had to wear a shirt that was too big and a hat with ears on it, I decided If I had to look silly why not look really silly. I went to WalmartContinue reading “The Life and Times of a Costumed 60 Minute Bunny: AKA Never Run a 10K in a Hazmat Suit.”

Chicago Marathon 2013 Race Report

Chicago Marathon Race Report The short version Great race, great city definitely put it on your to do list. The long version Twenty runners from K2J Fitness made the trip to Chicago for the marathon. The flight was uneventful and we got lots of help with our first hurdle figuring out how to buy aContinue reading “Chicago Marathon 2013 Race Report”