Racing and Traveling Over 50

Traveling and running are my passions and I am lucky enough to have a husband who shares my passion for travel, and puts up with the running, racing and triathlon part. We refer to our travel style as semi-budget. We stay in hostels and low cost lodgings but only if we have our own room. We travel by “Chicken bus” with backpacks but we have a Visa card and if things ever get dicey we are not afraid to use it! As luck and good planning would have it we have never had a really bad experience. The world is yours to discover. I hope there is something here that helps.


Race reports and things I learned along the way.


Semi-budget travel adventures to Asia, Central and North America with my husband

About us and this blog

Everything you may or may not want to know. If you want to hear my husband Harold’s side of the story you can find his blog here.