Marathons and beer

A post written by my father, who inspired me to take up running many years ago, about running and beer. He has given up marathons but at age 78 he still rides 5000 km a year on his bike and has been known to drink a beer once in a while…


Reading the accounts of marathons in 2015, my mind goes back nearly 40 years. My first marathon was at Easter time in 1978, the phys. ed. students at the local university put on a marathon in aid of the Heart fund. In those days an avid runner, I read numerous books and magazines to prepare for my first attempt. One writer described how while visiting with college friends in a city the night before a marathon, he discovered they were all running except him. He had a lot of beer, and decided he would run it the next day. He did, and survived. Runners World in those days was high on carbo loading, so I followed one of their suggestions religiously. I cut out carbohydrates on the Monday and had a pure diet until Saturday night. That evening I drank 10 bottles of beer and ate a 15 inch pizza. In…

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