Canada and the USA

This page is a work in progress as we have travelled to some really cool places but it always seems the places closest to home are the last ones I get to write about. There is lots more to come.

Ottawa to Las Vegas- Travel days are not always easy days!

One of the traps I fall into when I write and post about our travels is to only talk about the good parts. There are a couple of reasons for this: 1. I don’t want to complain when I am so lucky to be able to travel 2. I don’t want to be negative about…

Humphreys Peak, Arizona

After going down the Grand Canyon it only seamed logical to go up Humphreys Peak, the highest peak in Arizona at 12637ft. The peak is reached via Humphreys Trail a straight forward 7.7km path which starts in the Arizona Snowbowl parking lot. The trailhead is at an elevation of over 9000 ft. and the area…

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