Ironman 70.3 Mt. Tremblant 2016 Race Report

The short version: Great event, really hot day! The long version: It has been that kind of spring… a month ago Ottawa Race Weekend was so hot they had to change the start times and two weeks ago Rideau lakes Cycle Tour was so cold, windy and wet I rode in a raincoat, hat, fullContinue reading “Ironman 70.3 Mt. Tremblant 2016 Race Report”

Emilie’s Run 2016 Race Report

The Race This race was named in memory of Émilie Mondor, the first Canadian woman to run a sub-15:00 5K and a member of Team Canada at the 2004 Olympics. Originally from Mascouche, Quebec, she was living in Ottawa training for the marathon when she died in a car accident in the fall of 2006.Continue reading “Emilie’s Run 2016 Race Report”

Ko Chang to Siem Rep- fun with border scams!

We booked two seats in a van to get us from Ko Chang to Siem Rep. After our experience the previous day (the tour forgot to pick us up) we were a little concerned about getting picked up to go to Siem Rep. We were waiting outside the hotel when a guy showed up onContinue reading “Ko Chang to Siem Rep- fun with border scams!”

Mama, Papa in Thailand- Hat Khlong Phrao

After a morning kayak in the boats provided for free by the hotel in Bang Bao, Koh Chang we and our luggage were given a ride on a motorcycle sidecar to the main road. We waited there for a local share taxi (B300 each) to take us to Khlong Phrao which is about halfway down theContinue reading “Mama, Papa in Thailand- Hat Khlong Phrao”

New Year’s Day the 5-Island 1 day tour AKA The mystery of the missing Island

We started 2016 with a snorkeling trip on Pern Poon Sub’s 5 island 1 day tour. When we booked the tour we specifically asked and were assured that it included a stop at Koh Wai which is supposed to be great for snorkeling. We paid B650 each for a one day trip which included pickContinue reading “New Year’s Day the 5-Island 1 day tour AKA The mystery of the missing Island”

Mama, Papa in Thailand- Bangkok Day Two.

We had visit a floating market on our to-do list. This was our last full day in town and I thought I had seen a sign about floating markets by the water bus station so we walked over to check it out. The agent was not there but there was a lady there who wasContinue reading “Mama, Papa in Thailand- Bangkok Day Two.”

Mama, Papa in Thailand- Bangkok Part 1

We were awakened on our first morning in Bangkok by the sound of the monks singing at sunrise. We went for a brief pre-breakfast walk and discovered Wat Chana Songkhram almost across the street. Harold went onto the grounds but I did not as I was not dressed appropriately. Appropriate dress for Wats requires thatContinue reading “Mama, Papa in Thailand- Bangkok Part 1”

Mama, Papa in Thailand- It’s a long way from Ottawa to Bangkok.

After a successful trip to Ecuador last year we decided to go back to South America. We even took Spanish lessons. Then one evening we sat down and started surfing the Internet. A couple of weeks later we booked two tickets to Bangkok. We are not expecting the Spanish to be very helpful. It’s aContinue reading “Mama, Papa in Thailand- It’s a long way from Ottawa to Bangkok.”