Thailand Ko Lanta to Ko Phangan

One of the great things about traveling around Thailand is that lots of other people are doing it too so you can make arrangements to get most anywhere no matter where you are by using local agents. We always got at least two prices (often there was a difference), if in doubt we went withContinue reading “Thailand Ko Lanta to Ko Phangan”

Mama, Papa in Thailand-Ko Lanta

Ko Lanta Yai Ko Lanta is a 25 km long island which is less full of tourists than Ko Phi Phi. It has beautiful beaches and less development but that is changing as it becomes more popular. We arrived in Ko Lanta by ferry from Ko Phi Phi in the town of Ban Sala DanContinue reading “Mama, Papa in Thailand-Ko Lanta”

Mama Papa in Thailand- Krabi, Ao Nang and Railay

Upon landing at Krabi airport we found the bus/taxi counter where they tried very hard to convince us to take a 600Bht taxi. We explained that we wanted to take the 160Bht bus and we were willing to wait. Eventually they gave in and a woman took us through most of the airport to a spot onContinue reading “Mama Papa in Thailand- Krabi, Ao Nang and Railay”

Ko Chang to Siem Rep- fun with border scams!

We booked two seats in a van to get us from Ko Chang to Siem Rep. After our experience the previous day (the tour forgot to pick us up) we were a little concerned about getting picked up to go to Siem Rep. We were waiting outside the hotel when a guy showed up onContinue reading “Ko Chang to Siem Rep- fun with border scams!”

Mama, Papa in Thailand- Hat Khlong Phrao

After a morning kayak in the boats provided for free by the hotel in Bang Bao, Koh Chang we and our luggage were given a ride on a motorcycle sidecar to the main road. We waited there for a local share taxi (B300 each) to take us to Khlong Phrao which is about halfway down theContinue reading “Mama, Papa in Thailand- Hat Khlong Phrao”

New Year’s Eve in Koh Chang

We started the day with the breakfast buffet at the hotel. Coffee (which was instant), juice, fresh fruit, toast, eggs, salad and a couple of Thai dishes which looked good but we were not ready to eat rice for breakfast. The hotel like most beach areas we visited had two or three dogs hanging aroundContinue reading “New Year’s Eve in Koh Chang”