Running in Southern Germany in 2000

I wrote this 10 years ago so things have probably changed but even 10 years ago running in Canada was not like this! My husband and I recently spent four years living in southern Germany with our two small children. I have been running for years, so when we moved to Germany I continued toContinue reading “Running in Southern Germany in 2000”

Tips for your First Running Race

Race Season is here! This is pretty basic but if you are doing or thinking about doing your first race you may find something useful . Registration Almost all races have pre-registration and the easiest way to register is on-line. Although there is often a processing fee for on-line registration.  If you are not comfortableContinue reading “Tips for your First Running Race”

Boston 2014 – Let the Sqeakers Run

It’s been an eventful  two weeks since the Boston Bombings (a pretty dramatic understatement for the citizens of Boston).  I went to Boston with a big group of runners, some were closer to the finish line than others, some were inconvenienced, some saw some things that will stay with them, but none of us wereContinue reading “Boston 2014 – Let the Sqeakers Run”

Boston 2013 A Sad Day for a Great City

Let me start by saying my heart goes out to everyone affected by the tragic events that occurred at the finish line. I was not at the finish line when the bombs went off. I was in a hotel a couple of blocks away. Most of our group including myself had already crossed the finishContinue reading “Boston 2013 A Sad Day for a Great City”

November 21st this is where the “down” part comes in.

The title of this blog, The ups and downs of racing after 50, was not an accident. Placing 3rd at the World 70.3 Championships was definitely an up. This was definitely a down…and down I went! November 21st was a lovely sunny day. No snow, no ice, it was not dark and yet I managedContinue reading “November 21st this is where the “down” part comes in.”

Chicago Marathon Registration: I hope running it is easier!

Like many other runners I spent the afternoon of February 19th trying to register for the Chicago Marathon. Registration was set to start at noon CMT and they were claiming the race would sell out fast so there I sat mouse and credit card in hand waiting to sign up. At the assigned time IContinue reading “Chicago Marathon Registration: I hope running it is easier!”

Ironman 70.3 World Championships

The only way to get into the World Ironman 70.3 Championships is to qualify at another Ironman 70.3 race. Winning your age group qualifies you automatically and each race has a few extra spots which go to the top finishers in the age groups with the most competitors in them. I qualified twice, once atContinue reading “Ironman 70.3 World Championships”

Running in Winter

I wrote this a couple of years ago but oddly enough winter comes every year and I’m still running in it so it’s still relevant. Parts of it were published in iRun magazine. Ironically I had to have a root canal just after the magazine came out. If you live in Canada and you trainContinue reading “Running in Winter”