Vietnam- Hue-Thien Mu Pagoda

We took a tourist bus from Easy Tiger in Phung Nha to Hui for 130, 000 VND.  Our hotel staff got up early and made us breakfast which was very nice of them.  There was a security man at the hotel who slept in a cot overnight by the bar. We was asleep when weContinue reading “Vietnam- Hue-Thien Mu Pagoda”

Vietnam- Paradise Cave, Dark Cave

We took a tour for $60 US per person to the Botanical Garden, Paradise Cave and Dark Cave. We started at the Botanical Garden which was not that exciting. But maybe we picked a bad day. We saw monkey dots and the top of a waterfall. It was raining and rather muddy and slippery. NextContinue reading “Vietnam- Paradise Cave, Dark Cave”

Vietnam – Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park – Son Trach

We arrived in Dong Hui by train. Dong Hui is north of the DMZ and it does not get many tourists. Most tourists who do go there are there for the same reason we were, to get to Pong Nha-Ke Bang. As soon as we got off the train we were accosted by taxi driversContinue reading “Vietnam – Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park – Son Trach”

Vietnam- Mui Ne to Phing Nha-Ke Bang National Park by bus and train via Nha Trang

When we plan these trips from home we book the accommodations and flights before we leave Canada. We have a plan for traveling from one town to another but we generally book buses, trains and transfers once we arrive in the country. It’s generally cheaper and some options are not available from outside the country.Continue reading “Vietnam- Mui Ne to Phing Nha-Ke Bang National Park by bus and train via Nha Trang”

Vietnam Day Trips from Mui Ne -The Fairy Stream, The Red and White Sand Dunes

We took a basic tour to see the Fairy Stream, the local fishing village and the Red and White Sands. After taking the tour we discovered that the Fairy Stream was actually walking distance from our hotel and we later went back on our own. The Fairy Stream is actually a small water fissure whichContinue reading “Vietnam Day Trips from Mui Ne -The Fairy Stream, The Red and White Sand Dunes”

Vietnam- HoChi Minh City

We had a great trip to Thailand and Cambodia in 2016. While we were there we heard great things about Vietnam so in 2018 we took a four week trip to see it for ourselves. We live in Canada and travel in the winter so we focused on the southern part of the country. TheContinue reading “Vietnam- HoChi Minh City”