San Jose & Volcan Irazu , Costa Rica

We traveled from Uvita to San Jose on the long distance Tracopa bus which leaves several times a day from the terminal in Uvita. You buy your tickets before you get on the bus at the store in the station. The ticket seller spoke no English so I used my best Spanish to buy theContinue reading “San Jose & Volcan Irazu , Costa Rica”

Boquete Panama to Uvita Costa Rica by Bus- Crossing the Border

There are two ways to get from Panama to Costa Rica by bus. The fastest and easiest is the Tracopa express bus from David to San Jose which appears to leave at 8:30 am and 1:00 pm. Tracopa has a website with schedules and prices but the schedule on line was not the schedule weContinue reading “Boquete Panama to Uvita Costa Rica by Bus- Crossing the Border”