Phu Quoc Vietnam- North on Land and Sea

We rented a scouter for the day for 200,000 VND. We rode through Duong Dong and followed the highway towards Bai Thom beach we made it as far as the war memorial where we turned around because it looked like a longer trip that we wanted across the island. We took secondary roads that wereContinue reading “Phu Quoc Vietnam- North on Land and Sea”

Phu Quoc Vietnam – South Island Snorkeling Plus Tour

We paid $20 US each for a Red River Tours snorkeling trip to the south islands. Pick-up was scheduled for 9:00 am but they were 30 minutes late. This is not unusual as the tours pick-up at many different hotels and they tell everyone they will be there at the same time! We have learnedContinue reading “Phu Quoc Vietnam – South Island Snorkeling Plus Tour”

Phu Quoc Vietnam-Duong Dong

Our day actually started in Hoi Ann. We had a pick-up for the airport arranged at the travel agent by our hotel to get us to Danang. When we arrived the travel agent was asleep at his desk and the airport pick-up was nowhere to be found. We were not overly concerned because we hadContinue reading “Phu Quoc Vietnam-Duong Dong”