Two Clueless Canadians in Ecuador-The Mindo Cloud Forest

We took a taxi to Mindo Ropes and Canopy to go zip lining above the forest canopy. There were two guides and the two of us. The zip lines and equipment were new and modern and the guides were young and enthusiastic. We had a blast, highly recommended! From there we walked up the roadContinue reading “Two Clueless Canadians in Ecuador-The Mindo Cloud Forest”

Two Clueless Canadians in Ecuador- Mindo

We flew from Manta to Quito and then used ground transportation to get to Mindo in the cloud forest. Having been stuck in the airport for 12 hours on New Years Day we had time to explore. We discovered a local bus back to Quito which cost a fraction of the cost of the touristContinue reading “Two Clueless Canadians in Ecuador- Mindo”

Two Clueless Canadians in Ecuador- Puerto Lopez

Part 8- Puerto Lopez Puerto Lopez is a fishing village on the northern cost of Ecuador. It’s a popular vacation spot for Ecuadorians which also attracts budget minded international travelers and we loved it! The town has a reasonable beach and a fabulous fish market but it is probably best known for whale watching and theContinue reading “Two Clueless Canadians in Ecuador- Puerto Lopez”

Two Clueless Canadians in Ecuador – Day 2 Otavalo

The town of Otavalo is best known (if you believe the guide books) for its craft market which hits its peak on Saturday mornings. It was Saturday and it’s on the top things to do in Ecuador in both of our guide books so we had to go. You can book a tour but weContinue reading “Two Clueless Canadians in Ecuador – Day 2 Otavalo”