The Kentucky Bourbon Chase

Although I have run many a marathon, up until now I had never run a multistage relay, so it did not take a lot of convincing to get me to head for the hills of Kentucky with the Canadian Club team for the 200 mile Bourbon Chase. Our highly organized leader Dave Morton had everythingContinue reading “The Kentucky Bourbon Chase”

The 2014 Boston Marathon Part 2- The Non-Running Part #Boston Strong

After the tragic bombing in 2013 we all went back to Boston knowing that it would be different, an additional 9,000 runners, security and media everywhere and emotions running even higher than usual. In 2013,  I was in a hotel a couple of blocks from the finish line when the bombs went off. I heardContinue reading “The 2014 Boston Marathon Part 2- The Non-Running Part #Boston Strong”

The 2014 Boston Marathon- Part 1 the BAA 5K

In order to avoid putting everyone to sleep I thought I would break the Boston Marathon weekend up starting with the BAA 5K on Saturday. If you are old like me you will remember the Freedom Run it was a FREE run around part of the Freedom trail in Boston held the day before theContinue reading “The 2014 Boston Marathon- Part 1 the BAA 5K”

Boston 2014 – Let the Sqeakers Run

It’s been an eventful  two weeks since the Boston Bombings (a pretty dramatic understatement for the citizens of Boston).  I went to Boston with a big group of runners, some were closer to the finish line than others, some were inconvenienced, some saw some things that will stay with them, but none of us wereContinue reading “Boston 2014 – Let the Sqeakers Run”