New Year’s Eve in Koh Chang

We started the day with the breakfast buffet at the hotel. Coffee (which was instant), juice, fresh fruit, toast, eggs, salad and a couple of Thai dishes which looked good but we were not ready to eat rice for breakfast.


The hotel like most beach areas we visited had two or three dogs hanging around at all times. They may have been strays but they looked pretty healthy. They were friendly and they would follow us around. If we sat on the beach they would follow us and just hang out with us. Sometimes they followed us to our hut and sat on the porch. The only time we saw them being at all aggressive was when a new dog appeared on the beach. Some new dogs were accepted others were run off. Our conclusion after watching dogs on beaches for a few weeks was that the dogs were following us around for protection from other dogs.

We decided to walk to the pier at Bang Bao we started out along the road and were amused when we discovered monkeys in the coconut trees along the way.

It was a long hot walk and once we reached the main road it was also somewhat alarming as the road was pretty narrow and personally I was hesitant to stray too far from it with 85 species of poisonous snakes in Thailand.

Bang Bao is a fishing village. The pier is the central location for snorkeling trips from Koh Chang. The pier is full of restaurants, souvenir stalls and travel agents. We walked up and down and checked out the prices and listings for snorkeling trips.

The prices were no cheaper than the hotel so we decided to book a trip from there (the advantage to booking from the hotel is that they generally pick you up from the hotel and return you there after the trip). We discovered the best treat ever! A sort of crape made on the street in a wok, fried in butter with various available combinations of added ingredients but #1 on our list banana with chocolate sauce (which was Hersey’s Chocolate syrup) and vanilla (which was sweetened condensed milk) Amazing!


We wanted to snorkel and discovered we could snorkel from the beach at the Bang Bao Cliff Cottage. We were not staying there but no one seemed to mind us using the ocean! We saw a few fish and lots of sea slugs!

We walked back to the hotel and discovered it was half as far if you went along the beach!


It was New Year’s Eve and the hotel was having a big bash they asked us a couple of times if we were coming but we were too cheap to pay B700 and we were looking for something different. We ended up walking back to the beach and paying B200 each for an all you can eat BBQ with live entertainment and a fire show at Mr Tee’s Reggae bar.

The bar owner was great he had a shirt which said “Mr T Happy man”. There was a Dutch couple, a few Germans and one English guy but most of the other people there were locals. One of the best New Year’s ever! Beer was B110 but it was worth it!

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