2015 Canada Army Run Race Report

As it says on the signs, this is no ordinary race and these are not ordinary runners (well some of them are not). Army Run is the second biggest running event held in Ottawa each year. There is a 5k and a ½ marathon. Both races start by city hall and the ½ marathon in particular takes a scenic tour of the nation’s capital.

20150919_151607 20150919_151446

The race expo, which gets better every year, is held in a large tent in front of city hall. It’s a great talking point and it holds with the military theme. My day job had me at the expo the entire time it was open so I had plenty of time to check it out. Being in a tent full of electrical wires in the rain on Saturday was exciting but it only leaked a little and we figured lightning would hit the tanks before it hit us. This is the best expo ever for kids because the tent is surrounded by various cool military trucks, guns and tanks which kids can climb on to and into. In fact I would highly recommend borrowing a friend’s children if you don’t have any of your own so you have an excuse to climb too. There is also a most excellent bouncy castle but I don’t think they let us big kids on it.

20150919_151518 20150919_151536

Both races include an ill, injured and disabled division which starts 15 minutes ahead and includes athletes with artificial limbs, wheelchairs, service animals and other disabilities. Watching these athletes complete the event is motivation for the rest of us to make it across the finish line.

IMG_7004 (2) IMG_7005 (2) IMG_7010 (2) IMG_7012 (2)

Race morning the first event is the 5k. This year there were 14,619 finishers. The start is done by coral with a gap between each coral to prevent crowding on the course and at the finish. As a result the winner actually crosses the finish line before the last runners cross the start line!

The starting gun!
The starting gun!
The first of the 5k runners
The first of the 5k runners
Many more 5K runners.
Many more 5K runners.

The half marathon had just under 10, 000 runners this year. It started at 9:30am a little late if the weather is warm but this year is was pretty reasonable. The half follows a very scenic but not entirely flat route which passes Parliament Hill, the Supreme Court of Canada and the Canadian War Museum in Ontario. You then cross the river into Quebec and pass the Canadian Museum of History at the 10k mark. After that you cross back into Ontario, pass 24 Sussex Drive (no sign of the Prime Minister) and run through the grounds of Rideau Hall where the Governor General is usually on hand to cheer on the runners along with the Regimental Band of the Governor Generals Foot Guards who also play at the start.


Then it’s back along Sussex Drive to the Rideau Canal and the finish line. Another unique feature of the event is the finisher medals which are dog tags. In the early years the postrace food was some sort of army ration themed box of odd food no one liked (hopefully it’s not what we actually serve our nation’s military!) It is now a more traditional banana, granola bar, and chocolate milk sort of snack.

The race day organization is done by Run Ottawa the same group that runs the Ottawa Race Weekend it is very well done. The race also includes a team competition which has lots of potential but it needs some attention (it’s been over two weeks  since the race and the results are not out yet).

If you have never run it this race should definitely be on your list. It’s well run and the course is one of the best tours of Ottawa around!

There were 44 K2J runners in the ½ marathon and 10 in the 5K. Lots of PBs, 3 age group wins, 2 2nd’s and a 3rd. I ran the half. I was not sure how it would go so I started at a conservative pace. That worked for the first km but the second was way too fast (in my defense it is downhill) after that I settled into a comfortable pace. John T and I ran together for a couple of km. We got lots of Go K2J shouts from the spectators the shirts really stand out in a crowd!  The temperature was Ok but I still found I needed to pour water on myself at the rest stops. I actually picked it up around the 15k mark and passed the 1:35 bunny. Mike Y followed me past the bunny for a PB.


Full results are below:

½ Marathon

Michael Blois 1.20.05 1st m40-44
Corey Wilson 1.20.32
Jim Fullarton 1.21.29 2nd m50-54
James Peltzer 1.22.15
Bradley Coates 1.24.21
Brian O’Higgins 1.26.06 1st m55-59
Jeff Smart 1.26.34
John Tegano 1.29.56
Chris Bright 1.31.42
Stephanie Gordon 1.32.35
Mike Yates 1.33.31 PB
Judy Andrew Piel 1.33.53 1st w50-54
Glenn Poirier 1.35.13
Rob Brooks 1.36.29
Kanako Imuyama 1.38.51 PB
Kerry Rollins 1.40.56 PB
Guy Beaudoin 1.41.29
Vincent Lavoie 1.42.11
Nathalie Gauthier 1.43.04
Faye Goldman 1.43.17
Vincent Andy Fong 1.43.43
Kerry Sawyer-Moran 1.44.38
Rita Petrocco 1.45.09
Ian Govan 1.46.10
Susan Ibach 1.46.10
Face Wallace 1.46.59
Jolene Harvey 1.48.00
Dave Daze 1.48.13
Peter Foley 1.48.25
Diane Hebert 1.49.02
Dale Hamilton 1.50.52 2nd w60-64
Colleen Crane 1.53.17
Darlene Bess 1.53.51
Diebre Vijoen 1.57.06
Liam Dickson 1.58.15
Anita Choquette 1.58.24
Sue Sutherland 1.58.51 PB
Ellen Dickson 2.07.13
Stephanie Dunne 2.10.08
Carmen Cheung 2.14.50
Gerry Blathwayt 2.17.31
Pat Owens 2.21.54
Felice Pleet 2.34.18
Jim Johnston 3.13.53 3:15 Bunny


Maureen O’Higgins 24.03 3rd w55-59
Val Hinsperger 25.27
Tracy Wise 26.21
Erin Beasley 27.53
Vincent Andy Fong 30.00 30 minute bunny
Robin Andrew 30.15
Christina Govan 32.31
Katherine Hurd 34.11
Grace Moran 36.36
Paul Nichols 39.42

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  1. That’s a race I’ve enjoyed several times. Thanks for the account Judy. On Tue, 6 Oct 2015 02:30:21 +0000 Racing and traveling over 50.

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