Phu Quoc Vietnam-Duong Dong

Our day actually started in Hoi Ann. We had a pick-up for the airport arranged at the travel agent by our hotel to get us to Danang. When we arrived the travel agent was asleep at his desk and the airport pick-up was nowhere to be found. We were not overly concerned because we hadContinue reading “Phu Quoc Vietnam-Duong Dong”

Vietnam- Hoi An; a local bike tour

We wanted to do a little more exploring outside Hoi An so we looked up where other people had been on MapMy ride downloaded a couple of routes into a GPS and set off to rent some bikes. The travel agency across the street from where we were staying said they rented bikes. I amContinue reading “Vietnam- Hoi An; a local bike tour”

My Son – Daytrip from Hoi An Vietnam

We took a bus tour to My Son a group of abandoned Hindu temples built between the 4th and 14th century by the Cham. The bus tour with a boat ride back, lunch and an English speaking guide was 200,000 VND plus the 150,000 VND entry fee for My Son. The bus was full andContinue reading “My Son – Daytrip from Hoi An Vietnam”

Hue and a bus to Hoi An – Vietnam

From Hue had planned to ride bikes to Thanh Toan Bridge a Japanese bridge in the country about 7 km east of Hue it’s the sister bridge to the Japanese bride in Hoi An. The plan was to use it as a destination for a nice ride through the country. Unfortunately, it was cold andContinue reading “Hue and a bus to Hoi An – Vietnam”

Vietnam-Hue City Bus Tour

Hue is the ancient capital of Vietnam with many tombs from various Emperors spread about the countryside. We wanted to see some of them and they are fairly spread out so we booked an 8 hour city bus tour for $13 each. Lunch and an English guide were included, entry fees were not. We wereContinue reading “Vietnam-Hue City Bus Tour”

2020 Bouge Bouge Ottawa Race Report

I have to confess that I am kind of an old school runner. I don’t do colour runs, or foam runs or other strange runs.  I like my runs correctly measured (5K is 5K not 4.8K or 5.1K), with accurate timing and a well-marked course. I have two sisters and they suggested doing the BougeContinue reading “2020 Bouge Bouge Ottawa Race Report”

Vietnam- Hue-Thien Mu Pagoda

We took a tourist bus from Easy Tiger in Phung Nha to Hui for 130, 000 VND.  Our hotel staff got up early and made us breakfast which was very nice of them.  There was a security man at the hotel who slept in a cot overnight by the bar. We was asleep when weContinue reading “Vietnam- Hue-Thien Mu Pagoda”

Vietnam- Phong Nha Ke Bang- The Search for the Pub with Cold Beer

We rented bikes for the day in San Trach from the same place we had used for the last two days. We only paid 60,000 even though the posted rate was 80,000 I guess we were getting to be frequent customers. Many of the hotels in San Trach had free bikes ours did not. IfContinue reading “Vietnam- Phong Nha Ke Bang- The Search for the Pub with Cold Beer”

Vietnam- Paradise Cave, Dark Cave

We took a tour for $60 US per person to the Botanical Garden, Paradise Cave and Dark Cave. We started at the Botanical Garden which was not that exciting. But maybe we picked a bad day. We saw monkey dots and the top of a waterfall. It was raining and rather muddy and slippery. NextContinue reading “Vietnam- Paradise Cave, Dark Cave”