2022 Berlin Marathon Race Report

Run K2J

We arrived in Berlin a couple of days before the race but we had been in Germany for 10 days. If you are coming from North America I would strongly suggest that you arrive a week early in order to deal with the jet lag. The six hour time difference is enough to make you pretty sluggish for the first few days.

Berlin has many bears. I don’t really recommend Curry Wurst as a pre-race snack

The expo opens at 2:00pm on Thursday. It’s held in the old Tempelhof Airport which is a really cool venue. . The ticket counters and a baggage carousel are still there along with signs for the gates. Hot Tip,  there are also nice clean bathrooms inside the building just as you enter.

Susan looked for her lost luggage but she had no luck !

The best way to get to the expo is by…

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