Belize Basics

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We have made two trips to Belize one over Christmas 2016-2017 and a second over Christmas 2018-2019. We did the first trip by ourselves and we took our adult children with us the second time. We only made it to a few parts of the country but here are some of the general things it’s helpful to know.  You can also find more specific information about parts of Belize we traveled to and a few stories here:

Belize 2017 & 2019 -Belize City

Caye Caulker

Belize- Caye Caulker to Hopkins

New Years in Hopkins Village and Sittee River

Glovers Atoll Resort


There is a fixed exchanged rate between US and Belize dollars. One US$ is $2 Belize. US money is accepted everywhere. You get Belize $ as change most of the time and ATM’s only disperse Belize Dollars. Belize money is not usable outside Belize so make sure you…

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