Perth Kilt Run and IM 70.3 Mont- Tremblant 2012 – I almost got hit by a Haggis on the way to Mont Tremblant

It’s a long story but I had the pleasure or completing two great events on the weekend. On Saturday my husband Harold, my son Chris and I did the Perth’s World Record Kilt Run. Over 2000 people running through the streets of Perth in Kilts, my son has cut off jeans under his!

2012-06-23 17.50.42 2012-06-23 16.48.11

What a great community event! Water stations every kilometer and hoses everywhere! They even had a hose on top of a fire truck to cool off the runners.

2012-06-23 18.46.27

The volunteers and the water stations were great, loud and enthusiastic. There was free beer after the race and they gave out awards for the winners of every age group i.e. age 1 age 2 age 3 etc. (it must have taken a long time, we left before they got that far). My only regret is that we had to leave right after the race.  The course is actually certified for the serious types. Definitely a to do race.

2012-06-23 16.54.45 .facebook_-805360808

On Sunday I joined 1700 other people for the first ever Ironman 70.3 at Mont-Tremblant. I had been up to Tremblant once before the race to ride the course and even then I was impressed by the friendly support of the people of Mont-Tremblant. No one tried to run me off the road, people actually smiled at me and they had an escort truck for “Ironmen in training” on the 5km section of 117 which was under construction! The pavement in the construction zone was a mess but how can you complain when a truck drives 200m behind you and blocks any and all traffic from passing you for 5km! Talk about pressure, holding up all of the traffic on a two lane highway for 5km made me give it all I had!

2012-06-06 15.46.19 2012-06-06 10.46.28

We were a bit disorganized (Ok it was me that was disorganized) so we had to find a place to stay two weeks  before the race. We called the Auberge Mountain View, because we had stayed there before (great breakfast). They had one room left it was $75 and there was no 3 night minimum. We took it. I was impressed again!

We got there late and left early. They left the keys in the room and some orange juice to give us a boost in the morning, once again I was impressed!

Race morning I discovered that I did not get a race cap (yes, most people would have looked and noticed this more than 2 hours before the race start). I went to the t-zone, borrowed a pump (thanks Vincent) and looked for a solutions tent so I could get the correct colour cap. I did not find one so I went to the swim start, still no luck. Lucky for me Hazel Ullyatt appeared and did some sort of magic which resulted in a swim cap of the correct colour. She also took the cap I had with me off my hands.

The Snowbirds did, not just one fly over, but three flyovers (honest) and the cannon went off, not just once but at least three times, for the first three waves of swimmers. It was very loud and the older gentlemen setting it off looked like they had not had this much fun in years!

The Snowbirds
The Snowbirds
The starting cannon.
The starting cannon.

It was a wave start and given my advanced years I was in the last wave before the relays. Good because you don’t get clobbered in the swim but it’s a bit weird starting that far back. The swim was good, uneventful, and the water was pretty warm. If I was doing the full in August (which I am not) I would be thinking wetsuit optional?

Bike course was not as tough as it seemed when I did it pre-race. Lots of rollers but my Trek Speed Concept really seems to handle those well. Not sure how I would compare it to Placid, more up and down but less really long up and down. There were definitely a few riders out there who have not raced before.  I will confess now that I was not very polite to the rider who passed me on the inside for the 4th time!

When I started riding I noticed that the speed on the computer looked wrong, I thought about it and realized that there were two magnets on my back wheel so I figured that the computer was picking up both.  As I continued to ride my computer showed 69 km/h, it never seemed to change, uphill, downhill I was still doing 69. When the race was over and I went to pick up my bike I realized that I had it set to show maximum speed throughout the whole race!

There looked to be some drafting going on at the front but for those of us who started 50 minutes behind it was not really an issue.  My plan (I may be disorganized but I did have a plan) was to push the bike leg and see what happened.  Heather Ireland made me do that when she passed me at 60k and a couple of times after that!  Overall I was thrilled with my bike leg best average speed to date.

I managed to run right past my stuff in T2 which was dumb but I recovered fairly quickly. The run course is tough for the first 4k and last 4k but it’s pretty flat in between. Once again great community support with several hoses set up by local residents which were really appreciated! It was hot and it would have been really nice to have water in the T-zone or an additional water station between the T-zone and the flatter part of the course.

Can’t say that I enjoyed the last 4k of the run but I did it. Overall great race, great community support, definitely on the list for 2013! Would give it 2 thumbs up!

Post-race, back in Ottawa, Hazel delivered not only the swim cap but the dollar store flip flops I abandoned at the swim start! These will now be my luck flip flops! And when we called the hotel to see if they had a room available for the full in August (not doing it just safety boating and coaching) they congratulated me on my race and quoted my time and AG placing.

Congratulations to all! To Pierre Paquette, Anne Murphy, Christine Turmaine, Peter Foley for their first ½, to Jeff Slavin, Melanie Nason- Green, Michelle Herley-Tremblay,  Vincent Lavoie, Andrea  Walku (who wins the blistered feet award) Bruce Mason (3rd M 60-64) for a great day, to Peggie Slavin- Moore welcome back!

Oh yeah about the haggis…while we were waiting for the race to start in Perth my son and I got in line to buy a sausage. The haggis toss was to the right. A haggis tosser with world record ambitions spun around and released his haggis at a 90 degree angle. Chris and I were just standing there waiting to pay when the haggis dropped out of the sky and missed us by inches!

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